How to Stop Your Dog’s Submissive Peeing Episodes

Typically, this frustrating behavior occurs upon greeting your furry friend. He may squat or roll over and dribble. Many people make the mistake of scolding the dog, which really only serves to reinforce this behavior.

To curtail submissive peeing, it is important to appear as non-threatening to your dog as possible. Here are some things to try:

  • Keep greetings low key – do not encourage excitement.
  • When you first enter the room, ignore your dog. Let him come to you.
  • Do NOT make eye contact.
  • Pet him under the chin gently, not on top of the head. But do not reach for the dog – let him come to you.
  • Do NOT scold or otherwise punish the dog for submissive peeing.
  • It may also help to distract your dog from this behavior by commanding him to sit or   stay or do something he knows to do – then rewarding him with a treat when he does it.

If you are consistent in implementing these ideas, the problem should resolve.



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