Keep fleas and ticks at bay

Need more options for flea and tick control? There are things you can do for your puppy besides using Frontline, K9Asvantix and other chemical flea and tick products.

Start by taking a look at your current landscaping around the area your dog typically uses. Be sure to keep the area free of leaves and debris and mow lawns frequently. If you can make use of some cedar mulch or chips around the perimeter, it will help to repel both fleas and ticks according to multiple resources. Also, eucalyptus trees help to deter fleas. I can personally attest to this one, since I haven’t found a flea on any of our dogs in the eight years we’ve had eucalyptus trees in our yard. You can also try Tansy plants around the yard as another flea repellent. Keep the ground free from leaves and cleaned up under bird feeders. For additional information on tick control, check out


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