Does Your Dog Jump on You When it’s Chow Time?

While using her food as incentive, chow time is typically a very good starting point for teaching the Sit/Stay command, particularly if your dog gets excited and tends to jump on you to get her food. Once you have your dog’s food ready to serve, with her dish in your hand, tell your dog to “sit” then “stay.” Once she is sitting for a few seconds, begin to lower the bowl to the ground. As soon as the dog makes any move away from the sitting position, raise the bowl up and again tell her to “sit” then ”stay.” Repeat this process until your dog will stay long enough for you to put the food dish on the floor and silently count to five, then tell her “go eat” (or some command you choose) which will always be the command you use to give your dog permission to move from the sitting position to eat. Persistence will pay off here. After following this regimen for a few meals, your dog should begin to sit/stay on her own at meal time. Once she has this down, you can proceed with other sit/stay training.



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