Dog Training Bell


Gizmo2wizmo Dog Potty Training Bell


The Gizmo2wizmo is an easy to use Dog and Puppy Potty Training Bell with Guide to Success booklet for Under $10. No more potty messes in the house. This dog bell works!

Does your dog potty in the house? We have just the toilet training aid for you! Most dog potty accidents happen simply because we don’t know exactly when our dog needs to go outside. The Gizmo2wizmo dog potty training bell can bridge that communication gap so that your pup can tell you when he or she needs to go outside. Housetraining doesn’t have to be a chore. This puppy training bell is easy to use, and most dogs will learn to ring the bell in just a few weeks. If you will consistently work with your dog, you will train him to happily ring the bell to go outside to potty in no time!

The Gizmo2wizmo hanging dog training bell is a smart solution to what can be a big problem with your dog. Not only will your home be free from unpleasant odors, but your guests will be awe-struck by your cool dog’s behavior when he shows them how the bell works. Check out the video of the dog ringing the bell.

For only $9.50 you can make the Gizmo2wizmo dog training bell your own, and put an end to the frustration of dealing with messes on your floors and carpet.

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